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Message from president


The Company was established in 1958 in the form of its predecessor entity Sayama Precision Co.,Ltd. in the eponymous city of Sayama in Saitama prefecture as the first watch part processing and manufacturing company of Citizen Watch Co.,Ltd.
  Through the mastery of the ultra-precise processing techniques of watch part manufacture, in 1964 the Company advanced into micro motor reduction device manufacturing using gear tooth indexing technology. This was followed by the start of the in-house development and production of motors, giving birth to the reduction device-equipped motors (gear motors) that have since become the industry standard, and marking the origin of the motor manufacturing operations of the Company today.
  The transition and history of watch part manufacture accumulated since the founding days of the Company find expression in the motto gSmall but First Classh as the Company continues to provide quality and services of excellence that meet the expectations of customers in the design and manufacture of ultra-precision molds, the machining, plasticity, and forming processes of smmallsize and precision components, and the design and manufacture of micro gear motors.
  Today the motor types manufactured by the Company find application in a wide range of fields such as medical equipment, industrial equipment, housing accommodation and security equipment, and optical equipment, serving their purposes day after day hidden from people's eyes as they go about their lives. For all employees of the Company this has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to do their best.
  True to its corporate gSmall but First Class,h Citizen Micro Co.,Ltd. will continue to push ahead with the evolution and advancement of its proprietary micro core technologies, and with customer satisfaction as the overriding concern aim to be a company that takes up new challenges in the pursuit of ever more diverse fields in micro technology.
Yasuhiko Mizuuchi
Citizen Micro Co., Ltd.

DC Motor Division
15-1,2 Choume,Fujimi,
Sayama City,Saitama,
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