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Message from president


In October, 2013, Citizen Micro Co.,Ltd. has transferred its DC Motor Business to a wholly owned subsidiary, COMATEC Co.,Ltd. After this, the subsidiary changed name to Citizen Micro Co.,Ltd., and started its operation as a Motor Business company of Citizen group.
  The forerunner company, Citizen Micro, has been established in 1958. COMATEC Co. Ltd. has been established in 1963. Both of these companies have a long tradition and history of providing high quality products and service to meet customer's requirements in the area of design and manufacturing of ultra precision tooling, micro geared motor and small precision parts under the slogan "first-class even if small" .
  New Citizen Micro succeeded these spirits, technology and skill. Supported by our highly trained and professional personnel, we will keep serving the need of our customers. We assume it is important not only working together, but also to enable each employees' capabilities to be demonstrated to the fullest. Every technology, products and service totally depend on each personnel who provide those. We want to be such organization which has positive loop, in which every employee find pleasure in working and demonstrate their abilities with high motivation, then it will lead to customer satisfaction.
  Under the slogan "first-class even if small", Citizen Micro Co.,Ltd. will continue with the challenge for research and development of its unique micro core technology. Based on our "Customer First" policy, we strive to challenge pursuing the various micro field.
Yasuhiko Mizuuchi
Citizen Micro Co., Ltd.

DC Motor Division
15-1,2 Choume,Fujimi,
Sayama City,Saitama,
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